Sunday, 6 April 2014

First Character Model

So as part of my uni work, I created my first character model! Techically I suppose it's my second, but we don't talk about first year. Seriously, I didn't even know what UV texture maps were so lord knows how I managed to texture that disaster-model.

But looking to the future and the positives, I created a character to go in a medieval village game environment I'm working on as part of Team Celt at uni. The environment looks like it's going to be great, I'll make a post about that when I have a bit more to show. 

The character was originally going to be a female alchemist character in a more fantasy Skyrim-ish world but that look wasn't easy to show without some kind of explanation to go alongside her. 

I settled for a medieval worker which I was able to texture and rig with only a handful of breakdowns, success!

Here's some renders!

Overall I'm very happy with how this turned out. I'm particularly happy with the mesh on the face, I think it looks very clean and I'm pleased I was able to keep that through most of the body as well. The hands were a problem I should have seen coming really, but for my first real attempt I am pleased.

So who wants to see the texture maps? I know you do!

First of all, I don't know what happened when I tried to unwrap the hands. One of the fingers just decided to up and leave despite where I put the seams. So yeah, that happened.

But I'm pleased with how the apron looks as well as the sleeves and boots. I think I was able to add a decent amount of dirt, stains and general wear and tear to them. Huzzah!

The hair was made as part of six pieces which were then duplicated around the head to create a nice layered effect. While I was modelling I came up with this idea after watching most of the BBC3 series Hair in one sitting. I found it interesting (c'mon Katie! I know you can win!) to see the techniques they use to style and it gave me a lot of inspiration for my character.

So there we go. My first real character and I don't hate it! I learned some new techniques and I'm excited to see how I can use them again in the future.

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