Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Table Top Racing

Table Top Racing is easily one of the best racing games I've played. There's something about a miniature car driving around over sized environments of sushi restaurants, kids toys and picnics that I quite like.
It's a really good game for casual players. There's a variety of game modes such as time trials, extra boosters, elimination events and online races as well as the standard races. These modes are easy to understand and to drop in and out of as needed.

One of the features I really enjoyed was the garage where you can customize and upgrade your car. The more events you play through, the more coins you get so you can upgrade your car to succeed in harder races. It really makes you feel as though you're progressing through a game instead of just racing on and off. It keeps you hooked really well.

My only slight criticism of the game is also what will make it appealing to certain players; the controls are very simplistic. You have your direction controls, your accelerate, your items and your rear view; that's about it. It's pretty standard for a racing game and I would have liked a little extra. Mostly I just think braking would be useful for tight corners.

Overall, Table Top Racing is a charming and fun game. You would think crashing into a giant muffin would get old fast, but it really doesn't. The environments are the best feature of the game and they are done to perfection. I highly recommend checking out this game on PlayStation and also on Android and Apple app stores.

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