Saturday, 31 January 2015

Bakery Pre-Production Work

As part of my major project in uni I decided to design, model and texture a bakery environment and a character to go in it.

Unlike my previous works I wanted this to be set in the modern day and be generally fun. I loved the idea of modelling and texturing a character who is working hard on something they care about, along with a variety of cakes and other baked goods, all with lots of bright colours and a fun atmosphere. This was also an excuse to draw lots of gingerbread men and doughnuts.

Side note: I really love working with marker pens when I'm concepting! They're so much fun to use and they made the designs look cuter so I might try to recreate this style while texturing. It would certainly make the environment look more unique.

I also made a basic block model of the environment to give me a better idea of layout, proportion and also to make a rough list of assets I'll need to make.

And now for the character, who just for convenience has been named 'April'. This is mostly because I've been watching a lot of 'Parks and Recreation' while working.

I wanted April to look fun and quirky, so bright colours and a unique hairstyle were important. Although I kept reminding myself that the hair had to either be short or tied back for food safety. I've clearly been working in restaurants too long.

Her actual outfit needed to be kept simple, so a shirt and jeans did that nicely with an apron. However the stripes on the shirt add fun to her look and I really like those colours. Genuinely the only reason I used pink was because I bought a pretty new marker pen and I wanted an excuse to use it all the time.

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