Saturday, 31 January 2015

'Melody Dash' - A Game I Might Make Someday

I don't want to rule out the possibility of ever making this game, it was a lot of fun to design. However the chances of me actually doing it are unlikely because I'm fairly certain the university owns this work. And my soul.

So for my Concept Art and Marketing project in uni I decided to design two characters and create some fake screenshots for a game I named 'Melody Dash'.

The game was designed for 6-10 year old children using a musical theme. The main idea of the game was that players controlled a character based off a musical instrument, who would run and collect items down a race track which would make the background music play. If an item was missed then the music would stop and the goal is to play the entire song.

The logo was inspired by a 'Kingdom Hearts 2' world logo; 'Beast's Castle'. I liked the contrast between the two words in the logo depending on what the word represents. So I focused on making the word ‘Melody’ seem light and flowing while ‘Dash’ would be quite harsh in contrast. I also experimented with putting the title on a musical staff and also using a treble clef in place of certain letters of ‘Melody’ but ultimately it looked a bit too confusing. Having it at the beginning of the title seemed to look better.

I then designed two characters; one based on a violin and the other on a piano. My natural drawing style is quite realistic so I made the proportions of the characters loosely based on 'Wreck-It Ralph' characters because it made them a lot cuter and more suitable for the target age group. 

From here I worked on making fake screenshots of the game. The idea for the game environment was to have oversized instruments, possibly in a music shop, that the characters would race around. I found one of my old photographs of my parents’ piano and decided to use a painted copy of that as the main background environment to place my menu screens over. I also used an Android template as part of the screenshots.

I designed some menu buttons as part of the screenshots, including a logo which would be used to select the game from a tablet menu screen.

Lastly I put all of this together to create my final fake screenshots.

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