Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bakery Character Model WIP

Finally! A project update!

The character model for my Bakery Character, April,  has finally been completed. I ended up deviating from my original proportions because I thought it would be more fun and creative to make her low-poly and simple. It took a long time to get the style how I wanted but I'm pretty happy with how the model turned out. Mostly I'm looking forward to texturing her with bright, cute colours!

Here are my progress screenshots!

 Started with a basic shape for the head. Focused on keeping the shape simple as the texturing will show most of the detail. Really enjoyed making her braid!

 Added polys for her glasses and fringe. These will have an alpha map on them to get rid of excess space and show her eyes behind her glasses.

 Added her torso, spent a while trying to keep the edge loops evenly spaced and still show a good silhouette.

 Added legs and also made the torso shorter. Getting the style was becoming difficult at this point.

 Made her legs shorter and curvier, also added arms. Her curvy figure was a key point to her concept design so I wanted to keep that even after changing her overall proportions.

Final character model with hands and feet. Very basic shapes which will have the detail added through texturing. Looking forward to it!

Earlier design work can be found here!

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