Wednesday, 29 April 2015

'The Saga of Darren Shan' Character Model WIP

The character model for my Darren Shan inspired character, Evra Von,  has finally been completed. I deviated from my original proportions because I thought it would be more fun and creative to simplify him and make him low-poly. He looks more suited for a mobile/app game, which I like. It took a long time to get the style how I wanted and to match my Bakery Character but I'm pretty happy with how the model turned out. I'm really looking forward to texturing the scales!

Here are my progress screenshots!

 Started with a basic shape for the head then deleted textures which will be covered by hair. The textures will show detail so I could use simple shapes.

 Added the hair which will have an alpha map on it to make it look choppier by getting rid of excess space. It'll also allow the viewer to see his eyes past his hair.

 Modelled the torso and also added a second Edit Mesh modifier above the Symmetry modifier so that I can add to the hair to make it different on each side.

Added shorts! Hooray for clothing! Also played with the length of his torso.

 Modelled some arms and calves. Also made the shorts baggier.

Final character model! I extended the arms and legs then added hands and feet. The hands are simple shapes because they're designed to be webbed so that detail can be shown through textures.

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